Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Support in West Africa

Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Support in West Africa
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Eco-Friendly Fashion

West Africa is a colourful patchwork of customs, civilisations, and unique clothing. Many West African designers are advocating for a more sustainable future due to the fashion industry’s increasing environmental impact on the world stage. These creative minds combine eco-friendly methods with impressive designs to create beautiful garments that are kind to the environment.


Here’s a guide to some of the top eco-friendly fashion brands from West Africa for the style-forward with a conscience:


1. Maki Oh (Nigeria)

Maki Oh, founded by visionary Amaka Osakwe, celebrates African history. Osakwe uses traditional Nigerian textiles, such as Aso Oke and Adire, to create modern silhouettes that breathe new life into these materials. Sustainability is ingrained in everything at Maki Oh. The company works directly with local weaving groups to obtain fabrics locally. Natural dyes and traditional methods like hand sewing also reduce environmental impact and support regional craftspeople.


2. Lisa Folawiyo (Nigeria)

At Lisa Folawiyo, duty and luxury collide. This Lagos-based company is well-known for its statement items, which often feature vivid designs and exquisite beading. However, Lisa Folawiyo is more than just visually appealing. The brand values ethical sourcing and collaborates with communities across Nigeria to procure locally-made, high-quality products. By reviving the art of African tailoring and employing skilled artisans, Lisa Folawiyo promotes a sustainable production cycle while preserving cultural heritage.


3. Ethnik Afrika (Nigeria)

Ethnik Afrika approaches sustainable fashion nontraditionally. The company focuses on turning gently worn clothing and repurposed fabrics into unique, opulent accessories. Imagine fashionable phone covers crafted from vintage linens or distinctive purses made from discarded leather. Ethnik Afrika embraces the concept of “waste not, want not,” reducing the fashion industry’s environmental impact and repurposing items that might otherwise be discarded.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Support in West Africa

4. Studio 189 (Ghana)

Studio 189, established by actress Rosario Dawson and Ghanaian designer Abrima Erwiah, defines responsible luxury. The brand uses natural dyes and ethically sourced fabrics, like hand-woven kente linen, to create timeless pieces. Beyond sustainability, social responsibility is crucial to Studio 189. The company maintains close ties with Ghanaian craftspeople in Accra to uphold fair wages and promote traditional craft skills.


5. Ivey Prosper (Ghana)

Ivey Prosper is a breath of fresh air in the hectic fashion world. This Ghanaian company prioritizes quality over quantity and embraces the slow fashion concept. Ivey Prosper’s clothing is made from carefully chosen organic materials such as cotton and linen, providing comfort and environmental friendliness. The company supports classic silhouettes and small batch sizes to promote conscientious consumption and minimize wasteful fashion production.


6. Trash Couture by Chioma (Nigeria)

Chioma Ajike, the creative force behind Trash Couture, is a true game-changer. This Lagos-based company upcycles plastic waste into stunning fashion items, taking upcycling to a new level. Trash Couture sends a powerful message about ethical consumption with items like dresses made from used plastic bags and purses constructed from recycled plastic bottles. By using waste as raw material, Chioma creates unique designs and raises awareness about plastic pollution.


7. KA Designs (Ghana)

Founded by Kwesi Akuaamoah, KA Designs targets contemporary, environmentally-conscious women. The brand creates trendy, comfortable everyday wear using recycled polyester and organic cotton. KA Designs values ethical manufacturing, paying workers fairly and providing a safe workplace. Their commitment to transparency allows customers to trace the origins of their clothing, promoting trust and ethical fashion choices.


8. Madame Serena (Senegal)


While apparel often takes center stage in sustainability conversations, accessories are equally important. Sarah Diouf started the Senegalese company Madame Serena, which offers exquisite, handcrafted jewelry made from recyclable materials. Picture eye-catching necklaces made from recycled glass beads or sophisticated earrings crafted from leftover wood. Madame Serena demonstrates how sustainable processes can produce beautiful conversation pieces and environmentally friendly items.


Supporting a Sustainable Future

These are just a few of the fantastic eco-friendly fashion brands gaining recognition in West Africa. By choosing these companies, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry and the environment, while making a chic statement.


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Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Support in West Africa

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